Aimee Jakes | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 10 March 2016

This Four-Legged Chicken Is Absolutely Fine To Eat, Apparently

This Four-Legged Chicken Is Absolutely Fine To Eat, Apparently

The Debrief: First cowspiracy now this...

A chicken with four legs has been spotted on a farm in Shandong China and it seems that peoples main concern is not what battery farm-induced mutation caused a chicken to have four freaking legs in the first place, but whether they can still eat it and can benefit from buy-two-get-two-free chicken drumstricks. 

The chicken has its two usual legs and an additional two at the lower end of its body. Despite the four legs, the chicken can still run around normally with it's chicken pals with no bother. 

The farm have told reporters that the chicken wasn't orginally from their farm and must have strolled over by accident. The farm owners daughter Zhu Zhenwu decided to take the chicken under her wing (sorry) and since, has had many people flocking (sorry again) to see the four-legged chicken.

Even though the chicken is thought to be only a month old, locals are saying that the chicken seems to be less active and has 'lost the will to live'.  


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