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meditation with cats

This Cat Meditation Video Is The Perfect Distraction From This Crazy, Crazy World

The Debrief: Blue cross has come up with the purrrfect way to relax. Are you feline good? (sorry)

 If, like me, you’ve ever struggled with mindfulness and wellness, then it’s time to celebrate! A new solution has arrived. Blue Cross have created the world's first mindfulness meditation class starring adorable rescue felines with the experts at The Mindfulness Project. The 10-minute class is FREE and readily available for you online for whenever you need to de-stress. 

If you don’t know what it is, mindfulness is the practise of focusing your mind and erasing distractions that cause stress. Whenever I have tried, my mind has drifted to important issues such as the identity of Nutella to what I’m eating this week, so you could say I’m not very good at it. 

The video aims to draw attention to our relationship with cats and how they can have a positive effect on our wellbeing, thus helping The Blue Cross re-home some of it’s cute rescue kitties. They say science has proven we feel happy when watching cat videos, so the next obvious step was to create the Karma Kitties class. 

Laura Boyle, from a Blue Cross branch has said 'Mindfulness is becoming so popular and by pairing this trend with the potential therapeutic benefits of cat videos, there’s a good chance that Karma Kitties could be the ultimate stress-busting routine.' With all of this in mind, I gave it a go…



The video opens up with focusing on our breathing, easy enough right? We then see various different sleepy homeless cats and focus on little details of each once, entrancing our thoughts and making us feel at ease. 

I will be honest, I tried this at my desk, and when the purring started it scared the crap out of me, so I advise you all to turn your headphones down. At a more reasonable volume, the video does indeed make you feel more relaxed, because kittens are great and cute and the experts know this. I won’t deny it’s slightly creepy being told to focus on a cat kneading a blanket whilst making eye contact with you, but somehow it works and I now I really wanna adopt 12 kittens. 

Watch the video and let us know, are you feline good? 

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