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This Bar In St Albans Is Offering A Lifeline For Women Trapped On Bad Tinder Dates

This Bar In St Albans Is Offering A Lifeline For Women Trapped On Bad Tinder Dates

The Debrief: Will this new policy bring about a Tinder revolution?

I don’t date. Never have. Hopefully never will. And that’s mainly for fear of the excruciating social anxiety sure to plague an evening making stilted conversation and navigating awkward silences with a total stranger. But this groundbreaking new policy at a bar and restaurant in St Albans may be about to change all that.  

Once,  ‘dating’ occurred between friends of friends of friends, extended social circles, or that guy who ‘accidentally’ knocked your geography books on the floor in the corridor at school (SO romantic.) When Tinder came along, that really shat things up, because now we were expected to go on dates with people we had literally never set eyes on. People from the internet. STRANGE MEN FROM THE INTERNET. 

Evidently not everyone was has horrified by the idea as I was and tinder spawned a plethora of identical dating apps and a generation of people totally obsessed with swiping their next match. 

But, it seems more often than not, we’re being regaled with horror stories of our mates’ tinder dates gone wrong. Most of the time, the guys are losers, or ugly, or socially incompetent. How do you get out of it? How believable really is your best friend calling you to tell you that your cat’s on fire?

Well ladies, rejoice, because a restaurant in St Albans has introduced a new policy where women can sneakily remove themselves from their shit tinder dates, without sounding rude or spinning the ‘flaming cat’ spiel. 

The plan, the first of its kind and once which should probably be standard procedure in places of wining and dining (potential battlegrounds for daters), has been brought in at The Brickyard in St Albans and seems to be going down a treat. A sign in the ladies’ loos reads:

‘Tinder date gone wrong? Doesn’t look like his picture, or just plain weird? If you’re on a date an it’s not going well, come to the bar and ask for Rachelle or Jennifer and we’ll get you out of it and/or get you a taxi. Your safety is our highest priority.’ 

What a great show of sisterly support, hey? Hopefully it won’t be long before other bars and restaurants begin following suit, and your next tinder date can be an awks-free zone. 

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