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The World\'s 10 Prettiest Toilets, As Declared By Lonely Planet

The World's 10 Prettiest Toilets, As Declared By Lonely Planet

The Debrief: Some things in life are really important. This is one of those things.

Lonely Planet – that internationally renowned travel magazine which has arguably set the bar for the tourism industry the world over – have published a book about the best places on the planet to park your arse.

Toilets: A Spotters Guide ‘features over a hundred of the world’s most stunning lavatories to remember from every corner of the globe – from Antartica to Zambia.’

So if you thought nothing on earth could beat a really great poo, then this is about about to raise your toilet aspirations even higher. Allow us to present to you some of Lonely Planet’s prettiest shitters… 

1. This arty public loo in a redwood forest in New Zealand

2. This entire (very small) island off Belize, devoted to the dunny


3. This chilly chamber pot in a hot springs resort in Alaska

4. This lone lav in eerily barren landscape in Finland

5. This perilous potty perched precariously over some cliffs in British Colombia, Canada

6. These colourful ‘comfort toilets’ in Tunisia, in the desert where the new Star Wars was filmed!

7. This which isn’t that pretty, but is apparently a ‘Prototype Space Toilet’ and therefore in my expert opinion should not feature in book about the ‘world’s most stunning lavatories’… schoolboy error, Lonely Planet

8. This washroom in the wilderness, an ‘eco friendly’ place to take a dump in Encounter Bay, Australia

9. These cute commodes, on a beach somewhere in Brazil

10. And this which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t pass for an actual toilet but is pretty mesmerising… 


All pictures courtesy of Lonely Planet 

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