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The Messages From \\\\\\\'The Waiting Wall\\\\\\\' Will Give You All The Feels

These Confessionals From 'The Waiting Wall' Are Pretty Emotional

The Debrief: Proof you never really know what's going on in someone else's head...

Have you ever read PostSecret? If not, do it right now. It's a website which people send annonymous messages to via the post. They're usually their deepest, darkest, most heartbreaking secrets which they'd never openly disclose to anyone and it's eye opening, to say the least. App, Whisper is a similar, but more high-tech idea.

A new art installation at Brighton train station, which has taken over the main digital advertising screen to display anonymous messages from the general public, is a similar to both of these. 

Called 'The Waiting Wall', it was created for the Brighton digital festival by musician and software developer Alan Donohoe and his creative partner Steven Parker, and inspired by Alain de Botton's book, Religion for Atheists.

The public are invited to enter their messages via the website, and the results are pretty emotional. And show, once again, that you really don't know the private traumas people are going through.

You can go to the website and watch the different messages, or even submit your own, but be prepared to spend most of your day on there. Here's some of them...

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