Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The New Snapchat Update Comes With One-Handed Zoom, Fancy

The New Snapchat Update Comes With One-Handed Zoom, Fancy

The Debrief: Our lives just got a whole lot easier

Snapchat prayers have been well and truly answered, praise the Snapchat lord that invented one-handed zoom. Yes, you heard right –  with the new 9.30 update you can now use ONE SINGLE HAND to do all your Snapchatting videos instead of that annoying two-handed pinch screen maneuvers you had to do.

This feature was just installed yesterday, so if you haven’t already given it a go we highly recommend you stop whatever work you’re doing right now because it’s probably not as important as this, and have a go. We've composted a simple step-by-step guide for you, because that's just the kind of people we are. 

Update your Snapchat

You know how to do this, just go onto the App store and update away 

Open Snapchat and click on the camera button 

Get that one hand at the ready 

Hold down the record button so you start filming a video 

You all know how to do this already

Then slide your finger up from the record button 

And watch as you zoom into the face of the person you’ve decided to zoom into – I picked our creative editor, Natalia, who sat right opposite me without a clue in the world. 

The end. 

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