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The Kazoo Kid: Why A 1989 Video Of A Kid With A Kazoo Is Breaking The Internet

The Kazoo Kid: Why A 1989 Video Of A Kid With A Kazoo Is Breaking The Internet

The Debrief: This video of a kid getting ridiculously excited with a kazoo from 1989 is breaking the internet. So naturally, we go mad for it too

Before this week, the Kazoo kid was something of a distant memory. An old internet sensation lost in YouTube from 1989. That was until someone called out the now grown up kid on Twitter. Introducing Bret Amblerr, the Kazoo Kid. 

Brett looks really different now, the blonde locks are gone and he probably doesn’t play the kazoo anymore, but it’s still him. I'm actually guilty of not having a freaking clue who or what the Kazoo kid was until I watched the kind of long three minute video (times have changed and ultimately no one has time to watch a three minute video anymore). But after I did make time to watch Brett play the Kazoo, I learnt that he’s quite like all of us (meaning me). He gets quiet when he meets new people – amen Kazoo kid, he likes to have fun fun fun fun fun (times infity) when he’s with his pals, yass Kazoo yaass. And he even sings ‘us’ a song, thanks Kazoo king. 

As another Twitter pointed out, Kazoo kid changed his life and I'm kind of with him – it gave me a sense of overhwelming calm in a busy day. Even if I can’t get the sound of a kazoo out of my head now. 

I just counted how many times I wrote ‘kazoo’ in this article and it came to a grand whopping total of eleven. So on that note, I'm just going to leave this Vine here, because obviously the internet are recreating Brett's claim to fame in a number of ways. 


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