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Tea As Consent Video Becomes Actual Police Tool

Tea As Consent Video Becomes Actual Police Tool

The Debrief: Blogger’s idea made so much sense that Thames Valley police are using it as an education tool…

You know the concept of comparing consent to tea? Well, if you don’t, imagine that people treat sex like tea – you wouldn’t force someone to drink tea, even if they’d previously said they wanted tea and you’d gone to the trouble of boiling the kettle and pouring them the tea. You wouldn’t make them drink it if they were unconscious, or pour it down their throat just because they drank tea with you last week, would you?

The logic is, if it’s that simple to understand people consenting to tea, it should be that simple to understand people consenting to sex.

This concept was created by a blogger, Rock Star Dinosaur Pirate Princess, and has been shared and turned into memes online. But it doesn’t end there, as it’s been animated by Blue Seat Studios and then picked up by Thames Valley Police. One girl’s thinkpiece has become actual education on consent, as part of the force’s #ConsentisEverything campaign.


‘The law is very clear. Sex without consent is rape. Awareness of what sexual consent means and how to get it is vital’ Detective Chief Inspector Justin Fletcher told The Guardian.

‘We have joined together to make people aware of the law surrounding sexual violence, which clearly places the emphasis on getting consent – not to assume it is received’ said Lisa Ward, director of Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre.

Oh, and there’s a wanking joke at the end of the video which is pretty lol.

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