Georgie Darling | Contributing Writer | Monday, 20 March 2017

Good News: Your Tampons Might Soon Be Saving The World

Good News: Your Used Tampons Might Soon Be Used To Help Save The World

The Debrief: Creating energy one period at a time...

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to used tampons and pads, the answer is: not much.

But this could all be changing soon, as a site in West Bromwich has just announced a cost-effective way of recycling tampons, pads and nappies on an industrial scale.

Currently, it’s estimated that they take around 500 years to decompose, and, with the vast amount bought and used across the UK, they’re filling up landfill sites pretty quickly.

The idea is to form the used goods into burnable bales, after they go through a process called LifeCycle, which combines mechanical separation and chemical treatment.

This process turns your old pads into what’s called ‘Refused Derived Fuel’ which is then given to the alternative energy market across the UK and Europe.

The result of the burning provides electricity and hot water, and could supply the National Grid or individual companies.

The company, PHS group, currently process 15 per cent of waste, and are aiming to increase this to 70 per cent in the next six months, and 100 per cent by the end of the year.

So now at least when you’re on your period you can feel good about saving the world.

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