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Sweden Have Got The Best New Word For Female Masturbation

Sweden Have Got The Best New Word For Female Masturbation

The Debrief: Why can't we get a cool new word too?

Who knew that Sweden has been lacking a name for female masturbation all these centuries? Fortunately, they’ve just got one, and it’s pretty cool.

Klittra is the first commonly accepted word in the country for the sex act. It is a cross between the Swedish terms for clitoris (Klitoris) and glitter (glittra). So, naturally, we’re immediately on this.

The new name is the result of a competition launched by The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, last November. The call for entries followed concerns that it wasn’t fair that Swedish men had several terms to describe theirs - but women didn’t have a single one.

The group was overwhelmed by suggestions – including ‘muffa’, ‘pulla’ and ‘runka’ – but picked the winner because it ‘highlights the importance of the clitoris for female pleasure’ they said in a statement, according to the Huffington Post

The organisation is now campaigning for the new word for the solo sex act to be added to the official dictionary. Thank you Sweden for making ‘Klittra’ happen, because it’s about time this country did too.

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