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Study Shows How Much Sleep We Get Compared To Other Countries

Study Shows How Much Sleep We Get Compared To Other Countries

The Debrief: Ok, Now I Need Sleep.

According to recent findings, Britons are actually pretty well rested and sleep a decent amount each night in comparison to other countries. Que?

Although your days may seem tiresome and your work hours unbearable, studies show that people in Britain we slumber rather well. If like myself you feel like you never sleep enough, it only begs the question, HOW LITTLE SLEEP ARE THE OTHER COUNTRIES GETTING!? Well, this diagram (pictured below) shows where we measure on the ‘which countries are getting the most sleep’ scale.

Shockingly both Singapore and Japan are listed at the bottom sleeping for as much as 29 minutes less than eight hours, each night. Brits however - weirdly enough because my god it doesn’t feel like it – sleep for a mere six minutes less than eight hours. With those from New Zealand scoring as much as six minutes more than eight hours each night. 

Findings published by the Science Advances, suggest that although sunset has quite a strong effect on our bodies when we wake up, it doesn’t have as strong an effect on us during sunset. This means that yes, it may feel like you don’t sleep enough but you’re actually one of the lucky few countries. Initially created to help people recoup after jetlag, the study uses an app called Etrain to track individual sleeping patterns.

So, sleep well my pretties for you are sleeping better than pretty much the rest of the world. 

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