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Strathclyde Uni Produces Gross Victim Blaming Poster Featuring Jennifer Lawrence

The Debrief: C'mon Strathclyde, there's no need for that...

Posters across campus at Strathclyde university in Glasgow – bearing the slogan ‘Bet Jennifer Lawrence wishes she’d used a StR0nG_Pas5w0Rd%’ – have been taken down after numerous complaints. 

Attempting to warn students against using simple passwords (like ‘password’ and your own name), the posters tried to draw on pop-cultural references to, like, get in touch with the youth, but instead came across incredibly short sighted and victim-blaming. In case you’ve been travelling for two months, Jennifer Lawrence was the most high profile case during the recent so-called ‘Fappening’, where a hacker leaked thousands of celebrity nudes from their phones. While Kirsten Dunst, Kim Kardashian, Anna Kendrick and loads more celebs fell victim, J-Law had the most private pictures circulated – so you can see why the uni though this’d be a good thing to bring up. Show they’re in touch with current affairs and all that. 

After people took to Twitter to complain about the victim-shaming, the uni quickly sprang into action by acting as though they had no idea how the poster’s got printed because presumably their publicity team consists of one maverick ghost who can't check with anyone before sticking them up all over the walls, because nobody can hear him. Someone should probably sort that out, get some sort of system in place. 

Translation of that tweet: ‘SHIT ERRM ARGH WHAT DO WE DO??? DENY EVERYTHING DENY DENY.’ Let this be a lesson to all universities: firstly, don’t blame the victim of a horrible, horrible crime. Secondly, stop getting your posters printed by those living between the worlds. 

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