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Someone Is Making Avocado Stone Sculptures - And They\'re Really Cute

Someone Is Making Avocado Stone Sculptures - And They're Really Cute

The Debrief: Yes, avocados are great. But are we taking this food fad too far?

 Just when we thought that people couldn’t get any more obsessed with avocados, the internet has once again proved us wrong - people really can't get enough of these things, can they? There’s one woman who stands out from the rest and has taken her love for this fruit to a new level - but we’re not sure whether to be excited or concerned. 

Jan Campbell is an artist who from the West of Ireland who creates sculptures from avocado stones. Starting her unusual hobby in 2014, she claims that she had never paid much attention to the potential of these stones, until she found a ‘particularly beautiful one’ which she decided to keep in her pocket as a ‘secret pet’. 

She began carving them and despite how crazy her fascination with avocados may sound, the artwork she creates is actually pretty adorable.


The softest cocoon □ (back in the womb) • I will be offering new works for sale tomorrow, Friday 9th June at 7pm Irish time (24 hours from now) □ you can preview the new listings in my website shop now - link in bio □

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She carves miniature faces and figures out of these stones, and Instagram has (of course) gone wild for her creations. Despite her having no formal training in sculpting, her 67.9k followers have turned her hobby into a business – and now her quirky sculptures sell online for somewhere between €111 - €145 (£97.78- £127.73). I know what you’re thinking already, £100 for an avocado stone seems pretty steep. But the amount of time and precision that must going into making them so detailed, I don’t think I would have the patience for. 

She preserves her work by drying the stone out and treating the surface with natural oil and wax, and she ensures that this process will mean the pieces of art will last long past the sell-by date. Every part of the process is eco and vegan friendly too, she even sends off the sculptures in handmade gift boxes. 

Unfortunately, she doesn’t take custom orders – so getting your own face carved into an avocado stone is out of the question for now. But it’s an ideal present for any avocado lovers out there – although I’m not sure anyone will love them as much as she does... 

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