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How To Use The New Snapchat Filters To Make You Look Like A Magician

The Debrief: Snapchat's latest update means you can have more fun with your videos and has sparked an instagram craze called snapchat magic. Here's how to join in and show off your skills.

We all enjoyed freaking out our friends over the Halloween weekend with the latest series of filters, but now it’s time to get even more creative with your snapchat stories. Those trophies are going to be totting up, because snapchat’s latest update has provided us with hours of fun.

Snapchat have now introduced new filters that rewind, fastforward and allow you to play your snaps in slow motion. People have been getting seriously creative with it, so much so that they’ve started the latest craze of snapchat ‘magic’, and we want to jump on the bandwagon.

Snapchat's New Filters: What Are They?

Snapchat love to spoil us by making it more and more fun. It of course started off with the basic filters of speed (0mph, always). And Temperature (Freezing. Always). They then moved on to tracking our faces with the disturbing fun of vomiting rainbows and heart bursting eyes. Finally, we had the fright of our lives with Snapchat’s Halloween fun of pumpkin heads and zombie faces. So to be honest, we’re relieved that they’ve introduced a filter that means we aren’t always questioning our sanity with snapchat rather than disturbing those unlucky victims, our best friends.


The video is played backwards.


The video is played in double time

Slow Motion

The video is played in half time (when we say it’s obvious, we weren’t trying to trick you).

How To Use Snapchat Filters

They’re pretty easy to use as they follow the same system as previous filters. Just record your video and swipe until you see the desired effect with the video playback.

While they’re easy to use, how you use them is the fun part. For fastforwarding, we recommend choosing your ultimate anthem (currently ours is Adele’s new song, Hello) and belt it out. Then put in double time and you’ve got the minions adaptation for your friends’ entertainment (or this may actually concern them as much as the other filters…).

For slow mo, the natural state is Dori’s whale chat, or work your sick dance moves in slow mo so that people can truly appreciate your skill level. May want to track down anyone that saves these videos and ensure that they never ever allow it to see the light of day.
Now, rewind is where your imagination can really run wild and you can join the latest craze that is appearing over instagram, under the hashtag #snapchatmagic. Sorry to shatter the illusion, but people have not suddenly developed the force from Star Wars, but are in fact using the snapchat filter to fool their friends. The methods are simple, yet effective.

A basic snapchat magic trick involves dropping something- keys are a good option- and filming it on snapchat. Simply swipe to the rewind filter and you look like your letter to Hogwarts is overdue. People have gone even further than that, throwing things so that they can make them look like they’re plucking them out of the air. Could even trick people that you have finally mastered hand-eye coordination after years of failing at sport. There will always be one friend that will ask how you did that. May we advise sharing this story with them?

Our personal faves over on instagram are the lipgloss remover and the cat ‘feeding’ its owner- there’s oodles of creative inspiration over on there, so beat your friends to the tricks and get on it!

How To Download The New Filters

Go to the app store and make sure you’ve got the latest update. Close and re-open Snapchat et voila! You shall overshare on social media! You can always check out snapchat’s site to know more about the latest updates, but they’re only going to tell you what we’ve got on here- or in some cases we’ll reveal more, as they’ve stayed tight-lipped about the mysterious snapchat trophies. We’re assuming that these filters will become part of that scheme too, but the only way to truly know is do have a go, so what are you waiting for?

Just A Few Tips...

You can only use one filter at a time, which makes sense because fastforward and rewind obviously cancel each other out (that’s just a good old picture folks). To really maximize on the social media love, share it on instagram to add some edge to your insta-videos. If you’re wondering how people are stitching videos together, chances are that’s on instagram itself or using instagram boomerang. If you’re lacking inspiration, take a look at our fave celebrities to follow on snapchat [LINK] and let them show you the way.  Also, this is clearly the tip of the iceberg with SnapChat, because they’ve added 3-D tools for iPhone 6 and 6s.

We think Casey Neistat got it right, Snapchat is taking over and these filters are only fuelling that fire. Let’s see what you make of them!

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