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SHOCK NEWS: Scientists Find The Actual Reason Women Have Casual Sex!

The Debrief: It's apparently the first study done on the relationship between emotions and bonking...

Well this news certainly blew us off our chairs sideways: according to new research, women have one night stands for the sex, rather than falling in love. Imagine - scientists, in 2015 (and the couple of years leading up to it), have actually been given funding to figure out whether a female is able to have sex without wanting to get married!

Rating the reasons they got down with it, most of the 510 participants (who were pretty much all Canadian women) said that their partner's physical appearance was the main factor. Number two was 'It feels good' and three as the charmingly succinct 'I was ‘horny.'. Damn straight you were. Interestingly, 'so they will fall in love with me' didn't make the list - and emotional closeness was barely mentioned.

Anyone who has met a human woman, or is one, would have been able to provide the answers to this research (namely: if you're going to have sex with someone casually  and some don't depending on what sort of human - rather than gender- you are) but at least now the University of Ottawa have put some science behind it. Yes, this is - according to co-author of the study Heather Armstrong, speaking to The National Post - the first study looking at the physical and emotional factors behind casual sex. 

In terms of LTR sex, the study read: 'As expected, women reported more physical motivations for casual sex and more emotional motivations for sex in a committed relationship' - so basically, those having non-casual sex were far more likely to bonk to 'show my affection,' 'communicate at a ‘deeper’ level' or solidify 'the natural next step in my relationship'. And those in it for the evening, and nothing more, weren't thinking about that at all. 

It's refreshing, if obvious, because finally the idea that men are controlled by their wangs, and women's vaginas spend most of their time crying/trying to put a ring on it has been disproved. Women are controlled by their women-wangs as much as men are, because we're all human and we all want to put our things inside other people's things. Or on. Or next to. Or just waft them around a bit. Whatever your preference, provided everyone in the room is consenting to what you're doing. 

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