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The Serial Team Are Working On A New Podcast, Here\\\\\\\'s What We Know

The Serial Team Are Working On A New Podcast, Here's What We Know

The Debrief: World, meet your new favourite podcast

Beyonce’s announced she’s having twins and now a new Serial podcast has been revealed. Could this day BE any better? Before you start frantically Googling, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s everything you need to know about the new podcast you’re about to become obsessed with. 

What is the new Serial podcast going to be called? 

So according to sources online, the Serial creators are working on a new podcast spinoff. They’ve formed a new production company, called Serial Productions, and the newest series will be called S-Town. 

What will the S-Town be about? 

It’s going to be a nonfiction series based in a small, rural town in Alabama, hosted by This American Life producer Brian Reed. They got the idea for the series when a man contacted them to cpmplain about his small town in Alabama – he asked the reporters to investigate the son of a rich family who had supposedly been bragging about getting away with murder. Producer Brain started to look into it, then someone else died, and it transcribed that there was a nasty fued involved and a hunt for hidden treasure. Well that sounds GRIPPING doesn’t it. 

Who is involved in this new Serial project? 

Brain Reed, obviously. Sarah Snyder, who co-created ‘Serial,’ with Sarah Koenig is the executive producer of ‘S-Town, is also working alongside Ira Glass (This American Life creator and host) and Starlee Kine. 

When is the S-Town out? 

March 28th people. MARCH 28TH. It’s so soon. Get your ears ready. You can listen to a preview below. 

We’ll update you as soon as we know more. 

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