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New Course Teaches People To Use A Selfie Stick As A Self-Defense Weapon

New Course Teaches People To Use A Selfie Stick As A Self-Defense Weapon

The Debrief: World, allow me to introduce 'monopod fight'.

Think your selfie stick is just a way to capture a moment with your loved ones? Well, my friends, you’re wrong. Because the selfie stick is way more than this, we just hadn’t realised it.

Luckily, the martial experts in Moscow, Russia are not as ignorant as you and I when it comes to the versatility of a selfie stick and they’re offering courses on ‘mpd fight’ or ‘monopod fight’. In other words: a self-defence technique that involves a selfie stick. 

A representative explained the thinking behind it, saying that, ‘Tourists have become frequent targets for robbery in many countries and the only means of self-defense is what’s always with you – the selfie stick.’

A little presumptious, sure, as we don’t all carry selfie sticks 24/7, but I appreciate the lateral thinking, especially when it might help make people feel safer.

Russia has some history with selfies: back in July the Interior Ministry launched a Safe Selfie campaign after over 100 injuries and a number of deaths were caused by people taking selfies. Nice to see they’re turning the selfie obsession into something positive then.

Next up: Oyster card self defence. Please?

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