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Science Says Older Siblings Think They Are The Favourite. Riiight

Science Says Older Siblings Think They Are The Favourite. Riiight

The Debrief: Science can be wrong, right?

Are you an older sibling? Do you live for the day your mum admits you’re her favourite, cause you know it’s the truth but don’t want to admit it? Do you enjoy a sense of superiority over your little brothers and sisters? Of course you do, even science says so. 

A new study, led by the University of California proves just this. Davis sociologist Katherine Conger discovered that 74% of mothers and 70% of dads admit to favouring one child over the others. The figures don't specify which child they preferred, but as all you first-born kids love to think you’re the favourite according to this study, it’s probably you isn’t it. Dammit – I’m the youngest, there goes any hope of being the fave.  

This is down to the fact that parents experience major milestone events such as sports or schooling achievements (passing those GCSEs everyone) with first borns, so you basically didn’t even give us a shot before we’ve left the womb do you? Parents also learn how to ‘parent better’ based on those experiences with the first born. Ermmm, excuse me but I’d say being the ‘naughty’ youngest enables a parent to ‘parent better,’ you know all that experience learning how to deal with a difficult child, hey mum? She won’t be reading this but that’s besides the point.

So, all you older siblings, apparently you think you’re the favourite and you might just be. Now excuse me while I go ring my parents to find out what the real deal is, currently quite bitter about this. *Dials number* 

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