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Reasons Why Blue Monday Isn't As Shit As You Think It Is

The Debrief: Most depressing day of the year? Nah mate. Here's why...

TV tonight is on point
Clever those telly people aren't they? Pre-empting the fact that Monday is the most rubbishest of all the days, the tend to put the good stuff on tonight. Mondays ATM the moment are particularly strong though; you've got Broadchurch over on ITV, Girls on Sky Atlantic, Revenge on E4, The Walking Dead on Fox.... Plus, on the off chance (read: super likely chance) that your housemate has hogged the TV to play whatever terribly violent shooting game is currently en vogue, retreat to your room with your laptop because Netflix have just today added one of Drew Barrymore's finest pieces of 90's work Ever After: A Cinderella Story.


It's sunny pretty much everywhere today
Unless you're in Northern Ireland or the North East of England, today's looking pretty nice and sunny for you, which, I think you'll agree is a darn sight better than a whole bunch of wind and rain. Sure, it's still too cold to play outside but if you wrap yourself in a scarf, stand next to a window and tilt your face to the sun it's almost like it's summer again. Plus, the vitamin D will do you good.

You can listen to this song all day today because no-one tells you what to do
And headphones exist for a reason.


Your week probably won't be anywhere as near as bad as this lady's (and she still managed to change the world)
This story made me cry on the tube this morning. Told at a Moth event (those real life story telling events that we've told you about before) Mary-Claire King's tale about her week from hell, the people that helped her get through it and the world-changing outcome that strode triumphantly out of the other side is everything you need to motivate yourself today. Download for free here.

Credit: The Moth

This guy exists

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

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