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There\\\\\\\'s Another Royal Going To Prince George\\\\\\\'s School, And His Mum Is Big Suze From Peep Show

There's Another Royal Going To Prince George's School, And Her Mum Is Big Suze From Peep Show

The Debrief: Errr can we talk about this niche bit of royal knowledge pls?

Prince George, or shall we call him George Cambridge, the name he will now being going by by his fellow classmates, is entering his second day at primary school today. The poor fella looked terrified when entering the school gates and greeted by a teacher. But at least Will and Kate’s son has another little Royal friend at Thomas’ Battersea school to help him settle in. 

George’s new schoolmate is four-year-old Maud Windsor, the daughter of Lord Frederick Windsor. Frederick is the son of Prince Michael Kent who is the Queen’s cousin, did you get that? So, the pair aren’t exactly close family, more like distant cousins, but they’re blood-related, it still counts! But the best bit is, Maud’s mother is none other than Big Suze from the Peep Show! 

Actress Sophie Winkleman, now Lady Frederick Windsor, who played the character, got married to Lord Frederick Windsor in 2009 whilst the actress was still filming the show. 

Winkleman left the programme to go on the US hit show Two and A Half Men. On getting the new role, she said she doesn’t like to get an acting part on the back of being a Royal, pointing out that the director of the TV show 'didn’t know anything about it when I got the part, and that’s actually quite important to me.' 

Here are some of Big Suze best moments… 

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