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You Might Be Getting Another Poop Emoji In 2018

We Might Be Getting Another Poo Emoji In 2018

The Debrief: The candidate emoji's for next years update have been released, and it includes a sad poop emoji

Amongst the release of The Emoji Movie, something even more exciting has emerged – a list of the new emojis that may be heading to our phones in 2018.

Despite there being 67 potential candidates on the list, there is one emoji in particular that is getting all the attention. This emoji has donned memes and has even been turned into arrange of pyjamas and cushions. What is it? The well-loved “poop emoji” of course - and they’ve given it a make-over.


A far cry from its original smiley counterpart, the new release has had its smile flipped upside down for the revamp -  literally perfect for depicting how truly crappy you feel. 

And people have already been predicting its uses:



As well as the updated poop emoji, there are many brand-new ones on the list. Too drunk to type? There’s an inebriated drunk face for you. Oh, and there is even a lobster emoji for when you want to pull a Phoebe Buffay and tell somebody that they’re your lobster. If the list goes ahead, your conversations will soon be injected with endless fun. 

 See some of the candidates below:



The president of Unicode (who will decide which emoji’s pass the test), Mark Davis, released the draft Unicode 11.0 catalogue in one of their Technical Committee meetings, although it is unknown which emojis (if any) of the above will make the final cut for 2018. 

 The confirmed list is expected to be released in Unicode’s next Technical Committee meeting, which will be taking place this October. Hold tight! 

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