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Police Search For Festival-Goer Who Says He\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Locked In A Tent Bag

Police Search For Festival-Goer Who Says He's Locked In A Tent Bag

The Debrief: How someone could tweet from a bag but not tear their way out of it is beyond us...

UPDATE: Scott has now tweeted to say he’s out of the bag:

But he's also told The Daily Record it was a joke, anyway. ‘I just tweeted it for a laugh. I didn’t think it would spiral out of control.’ Proof that the lolsbants of festivals will stick with you long after a festival, just like sunburn and the balls of dried yucky muddy snot in your nose that take three hot showers to wash out. He did add, though, ‘I don’t feel bad about it. I can’t stop laughing – it’s the only thing that made me laugh all weekend. That was my seventh year going and it was the worst T in the Park I’ve ever been to.’

You know you’re at a festival campsite when a load of prats shout ‘Bollocks’ or ‘Alan’, someone’s doing the worm in a puddle of mud next to the taps, plastic bottles become receptacles of piss and the gaps in between tents are full of empty Strongbows and muddy/grassy/pooey wet wipes. The challenge now, though, is for Police Scotland to work out if Scott Johnston, a festival-goer, is in the Green 7 area at T in the Park, where he claims he's been locked into a tent bag. The campsite is currently being cleared of revellers who’ve enjoyed the last three nights of music and entertainment, but he tweeted to say he’s still there:

 And the police have taken note:

As much as this sounds like bullshit, stranger things have happened. In amongst all the twattery, buffoonery and general disorganisation of festivals (and there was said to be lots this year at T in the Park, with organisers making apologies for lack of crowd control), it wouldn’t be completely ridiculous for this sort of thing to happen.

What would be ridiculous, though, is someone who’s able to manouvre to tweet from within a tent bag, but unable to tear their way out of it. Watch this (restricted) space.

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