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Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Pizza Rat

Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Pizza Rat

The Debrief: When life gives you a slice of pizza, say fuck the pizza and leave it on the subway steps

Another day, another viral animal story. Recently we've had the adorable tale of dog friendship, the drunk squirrel and then there was the goldfish and his wheelchair.

Well, today my friends, I'd like to introduce you to Pizza Rat - the latest animal to be thrown into the limelight, and here he is...

PR was filmed attempting to carry a slice of pizza that's bigger than him/her, down the steps of a New York subway. Heroic doesn't even come close.

What's even more amazing is the internet's reaction and it's probably because PR is basically the entire population's spirit animal. Talking to Buzzfeed, Matt Little the comedian who filmed the video, described it as a 'metaphor for living in New York' because 'You have too far to go and too much to carry. But life gives you as much as you can handle.' Amen, Matt.

Because, hey, aren't we all like PR in a way? Isn't he just a metaphor for everyone's life? Struggling to take on things so much bigger than ourselves until, oh dear, we can't carry it any more - sound familiar? It will do, because that's LIFE.

But is it slightly worrying that the globe's latest source of inspiration is a rat carrying a piece of pizza? You could argue that. Or you could just shut the hell up and take a look at the three life lessons PR can teach you. because this dude knows what's up.

Don't Carry The World On Your Shoulders

Or anything else that is actually physically or emotionally bigger than you. You will drop it and it won't be pretty. Instead, take more manageable chunks in life. Chipping away at that stone (or pizza) will get you there eventually and you'll have been more successful at it/not developed back or emotional problems. Slow and steady and all that.  

Sometimes It's Okay To Give Up

You know, when something is so big that you physically cannot carry it any more. Let it go. You'll feel better for it. The weight will have lifted off your shoulders and the sun will shine again. Because no one deserves to carry that unbearable weight. Even if it is delicious pizza. 

Pizza Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

Like, not only is a slice really really big to carry if you're a rat, what about all the trouble it causes humans? For a start, cutting it… No one in the history of the earth has ever successfully cut a pizza without pulling most of the cheese off of one poor slice and then there's the proportions which are just never equal and… oh GOD. Why do we even bother? Do as PR did and chuck the thing down the stairs and be done with it.

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