Marianna Manson | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 14 April 2016

Person Becomes Cloud In This Epic Face Swap Video

Person Becomes Cloud In This Epic Face Swap Video

The Debrief: Just when you thought novelty face swapping couldn't get any weirder...

I’m sorry but can we just take a second to appreciate the ridiculousness of this five-second clip doing the rounds on social media right now?

Uploaded by YouTuber Dorit Shank at the beginning of this week, the video has already amassed over one and a half million views. Combining two of the hottest trends of the tweenies so far, Vaping and Face Swapping (#vwapping? We could be on to something) you can see why it’s having such a profound effect on the internet-savvy masses. It’s been picked up by Metro, and is currently causing quite the commotion over on Reddit, so if you haven’t come across it yet, we’ve just left it riiiight here… 

Can’t stop watching. 


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