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People Are Naming Their Kids After Instagram Filters. No Joke.

People Are Naming Their Kids After Instagram Filters. No Joke.

The Debrief: Generation 'Ludwig' and 'Lux' is here.

There were a lot of Emmas and Charlottes in my year at school; big time ’90s names they were, apparently. This year, the top three female baby names are Sophia, Emma and Olivia, while for boys it's Jackson, Aiden and Liam. Again, nothing too groundbreaking or out there. 

That said, there's some… interesting, shall we say, baby name trends that have emerged this year too.

It turns out people are really getting into monarchical (yes, this is actually a word – I googled it) inspired names like Royalty, which has gone up in popularity for girls by 88% (probably something to do with Chris Brown's little girl having this name) and Duchess, up by 75%. Kaiser is up 45% for boys and Reign (which Kourtney Kardashian called her baby boy in 2014) by 36%.

As well as this, Instagram filter names are having a bit of a moment and we're not sure whether to laugh or cry. We can understand Willow (up by 13% for girls, FYI), Valencia (26% increase) and Juno (30%), sure, but the surge in popularity for boy's names like Ludwig (42%) and Lux (75%), is a little more questionable. Low-Fi didn't make the cut, would you believe, while Walden and Lark also got left behind this year.

I, of course, am not one to talk when it comes to slightly unusual names, but I'm going to veto Slumber, X-Pro II and Inkwell for 2016, if you don't mind.

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