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Pornhub Want You Send In Your Homemade Panda Porn. Here\'s Why...

Pornhub Want You Send In Your Homemade Panda Porn. Here's Why...

The Debrief: Dress up like a panda, film yourself having sex, save the planet

Did you know that yesterday was National Panda Day? You might have come across it whilst browsing the web, reading the newspaper or…er, going on Pornhub.

Yep, that’s right. Pornhub, taking a break from helping the world get off, is helping pandas get off instead.

It seems pandas haven’t been getting it on as frequently as zoologists would have liked. On the Pornhub website (and no, I’m not joking, but maybe find a direct link instead of going to the general site if you’re wanting to check it out yourselves) there’s a whole area dedicated to saving the giant panda. 

Apparently the vulnerable species has suffered a low birth rate as a direct result of pandas, well, not having sex. Like a lot of us, their main interests are sleeping and eating, but sex doesn’t register that highly on their agenda. According to Pornhub, they’re happy to settle for just two or three times a year - so the species is dying out. 

Now that we’re all fired up and ready to save the pandas, what can we do? Maybe we should throw some money at the cause, or perhaps sponsor a panda? 

Nope. Pornhub are wanting us to go one step further - and create panda porn.

Zoologists claim that ‘panda porn’ (which is quite literally what the name suggests - people dressed up as pandas having sex) inspires pandas to get it on themselves. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a lot of this about. Pornhub may have some pretty diverse categories, but until yesterday, panda porn was not one of them.

But that day has arrived, and the internet is onboard. There’s already plenty of ‘panda style’ videos uploaded (for, y’know, when you’re bored of doggy style) and, after about 24 hours, the videos have gained an impressive 111,627 hits already. That’s a lot of pandas with internet access… 

Pornhub have also said they’re going to donate £100 per video uploaded to giant panda conservation charities, and 1 cent per video viewed between March 16 - 18.  

‘Considering wood is a main staple of a panda’s diet, it’s especially surprising that they only mate a few times per year, if at all,’ said Corey Price, VP of Pornhub.

‘Thus, in celebration of National Panda Day, we wanted to do our part and help grow the dwindling panda population.'

The charitable push comes as part of ‘Pornhub Cares’ which has previously supported Movember, women in tech and ‘described videos’ for visually impaired visitors. 

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