Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Tuesday, 15 March 2016

One Percent Of People Can See This Hidden Letter – Can You?

One Percent Of People Can See This Hidden Letter – Can You?

The Debrief: It requires a photographic memory like Michael Scofield from Prison Break

I thought I was part of the 1% that could see the hidden letter, until I got into work. Then everyone else told me it was a different letter and now nothing makes sense. Is it like that blue dress/gold dress thing again or did I just want to be part of the 1% so badly I made up my own letter? 

Who knows, either way, this image is dividing us so take the test and find out if you’re the chosen one (along with lots of other people). The puzzle is all about photographic memory so it’s best to scan back and forth over the first two pictures and try join together the dots. 

Annoyingly, we don’t have the final image – so why not pop on over to Metro to see if you’ve got a fantastic photographic memory like Micheal from Prison Break, and sadly, unlike me. 

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