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Have Snapchat Has Changed The Game With Its New Filters?

Have Snapchat Has Changed The Game With Its New Filters?

The Debrief: The possibilities are endless.

Remember when Snapchat first began, and people were so hyped about being able to draw over their selfies and send it to their friends? Looking back now, Snapchat has evolved massively since those days, to the point where it has pretty much revolutionised how we use our phones to communicate with our social circles. The genius idea of Snapchat stories means that we can now make almost micro-documentaries of our messy nights out, and let’s be real, where would we all be now without that basic dog filter?

Snapchat has basically become my primary form of communication – so I was pretty excited to hear that the developers have blessed our App Store with an update that includes some fun new filters and features.  

Backdrop Filters

If you press the scissor icon, you’ll get the option to add some cute backdrops to your photo. It overlays a pattern on top of your original photo and you simply cut the pattern from the focus of the image! The backdrops at the moment are limited, but hopefully later on they’ll come through with more to choose from. 

Voice Filters

It’s sometimes a bit sometimes when you put a lens filter on and it automatically changes your voice – Snapchat clocked on to this and made a minor change so that you can now choose whether you want to use a voice filter in your videos. You can apply any of the 4 voice filters to a video by touching the speaker icon after recording. 

Multi-snap Videos

You know when 10 seconds is just really not enough time to get that perfect video for your story? Well, now Snapchat is letting you record up to a minute of footage. If you hold down the record button, and just keep holding, it’ll take 6 consecutive 10-second snaps, which you can edit/cut separately afterwards. Though unfortunately at the moment, this feature is only available on iOS devices - Snapchat haven’t yet given a date for when this feature can be used on Android. 

Paperclip URL Feature

In this new feature, you can attach an external link onto your snaps or your story. Want to direct people to your latest Instagram selfie? No problem! This one is particularly beneficial to advertisers and businesses, as it will help re-direct people to their websites. All you have to do is take a picture or video, and tap the paperclip icon – it’ll then ask you to type in the URL and your friends can simply swipe up to visit the website.

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