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One Of Britain\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Oldest Dogs Needs A Home And It Could Be You

One Of Britain's Oldest Dogs Needs A New Owner And It Could Be You


It is safe to say Wednesday has arrived, and with Wednesday comes the torture that you’re not quite at the end of the week but Friday is teasing you like a fuck boy ghosting you on WhatsApp. Sending texts to remind you he’s there, then ignoring you when you act like a keeno replying after two minutes. 

So to distract yourself away from Wednesday the fuck boy, let’s learn about one of Britain’s oldest rescue dogs instead shall we. Everyone, meet Scruffy.

Scruffy is a crossbreed who was taken in by Dogs Trust when his owner became ill. Because Scruffy isn’t a teeny tiny puppy - he’s actually a whopping 119 years old in dog years and the oldest dog the Dogs Trust have ever had (whao now) - no one is yet to adopt him and the Dogs Trust are on the look out for a suitable owner. 

THAT COULD BE YOU. But maybe not because us millennials are all too poor to afford houses with homes and have no time to care for a sweet elderly dog that needs care. But if it were you just think how fantastic Scruffy could be as a pal. You wouldn't have to puppy train him, and you could go on long walks through the woods - but he's probably get tired quite quickly (like you) so you'd have to go home and chill on the sofa watching Netflix all afternoon. Doesn't that sound delightful? 

If you fancy adopting Scruffy, or if you mum does, you can contact the Dogs Trust on 0207 837 006. Go forth and adopt. 

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