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The Nokia 3310 Is Relaunching, And The Nostalgia Is Too Much

The Nokia 3310 Is Relaunching, And The Nostalgia Is Too Much

The Debrief: Snake thumbs at the ready.

Seventeen years ago the world changed: Nokia’s 3310 was released. It was a simpler time when our nights were spent on MSN Messenger, MySpace was the only social network worth having and all our free time was spent chasing our high score on Snake. In an attempt to dial back the years, Nokia’s parent company, HMD Global, are relaunching this OG brick phone. Priced at a very reasonable 50 quid (€59) it has us practically gagging for the old days. If you’ve been inspired to retire your smartphone and cash in on the 3310's endless battery life and its Dom Joly potential, ready yourself by remembering the 3310’s perks…

1. You Didn’t Need A 'Genius' To Fix It

Unclipping the back plastic panel and switching it for a cheapo you picked up down the market repaired any cracks or chips. And if your problem required a more high-tech solution, then popping out the battery and letting it cool down for a hot second usually did the job.

2. Space Impact

Yeah, yeah, snake was fun. But, Space Impact…

3. One Handed Games

While Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run and Pokémon Go are just as addictive as Snake or Space Impact ever was, they have one hefty requirement: two hands. The sheer weight of a smartphone requires one hand to hold it while the other hand is busy playing. Just imagine the freedom that came with having a free paw...there was no falling down stairs while typing or pausing to take a swig of your soda. 

4. Multiple Ringtones

Before iPhones made ringtones one homogeneous sound, everyone showed flair, personality and individuality by picking a different buzz. Hip kids texted dodgy numbers found at the back of tween mags and got sent the latest chart hit in monophonic beeps; everyone knew at least one boy at school who had Match of The Day’s theme tune and it goes without saying, but anyone aged over 30 picked the pre-programmed ‘William Tell’ tone. But, it was the composers in the making who manually hacked their bricks with a combination of ‘2#a1 2f1 4- 8#a1 8c2 8d2 8#d2 2f2 2- 4f2 4f2 8#f2 8#g2 2#a2 2- 4#a2 8#a2 8- 8#g2 8#f2 4#g2’. 

5. Phone Charms

Like a new phone case but miles better. They dangled out of your pocket and showed off your <3 for the latest Sanrio character. 

6. Clip-On Full-Body Cases

Forget customising your iPhone’s background, you could literally flip off and makeover the phone’s entire case. 

7. Txt Talk 

In the days when getting a contract was a laughable phenomenon, a vocabulary of abbreviations spawned a new language. Obviously every txt ended with ‘TB’ or when things got desperate ‘PTB’ and you knew what ‘ROFL’ and ‘QT’ actually meant.  Even today, over a decade later we can still understand this sentence without any difficulty: ‘how r u? wot r u doin later? I'm hanging out w my bf, we mite go sk8in :`) tb’.  

8. Phone Stands

Admittedly, they were quite pointless, but they were shaped like a hand that lit up when your phone rang.

9. It’s Glare-Free Screen

Try reading your smartphone under the bright glare of the sun. Actually, don’t bother, we can tell you it’s impossible. There’s something to be said for the b&w, lo-fi screen and it’s called ‘visibility’. 

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