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10 Awesome Women You Should Be Following On Vine

10 Awesome Women You Should Be Following On Vine

The Debrief: Follow these people for lols aplenty

While most of us are all over Snapchat and Instagram, sometimes Vine gets left out of the social media loop on a day to day basis. But while our Vine addiction isn't as heavy as some of the other networks, the site has made internet stars of men and women the world over, as well as providing us with lolz videos when we're hungover and idly scrolling through our phones.

Here are 8 women - some mega famous from their videos, some not so much - who we love following on Vine and hope you will too. 

1. Maris Jones

 Vine is a goldmine for cool visual art - Maris's work blows our mind. 

2. Amymarie Gaertner


Also a huge hit on Instagram and Youtube, Amymarie is a self-taught choreographer and dancer from Ohio. Her mesmerising dance videos have got us hooked. 

3. Liane V

With a whopping 4.5 million followers Liane V is kind of a big deal on Vine. She's also insanely beautiful, funny and multi-talented - she sings, writes, models, acts and dances. Her Vine account came to fame for its funny posts about relationships, ace dance videos and adorable cameos from her parents. 

4. Lele Pons

Racking up 10 million followers, Lele Pons is the most followed woman on Vine. At just 19, she has won various awards for her Vines, which are mainly jokes on herself, as well as a few on her family and friends. 

5. Arielle Vandenberg


Arielle is an actress who eagle-eyed Arctic Monkeys fans might know dated Alex Turner for two years. Now she is a super-talented, funny and beautiful Vine star who often appears in Vines alogside fellow Viner and comedian Matt Cutshall. There's rumours those two are dating, but whatevs - they make great Vines together. 

6. AlliCattt

Best mates with Lele Pons (the Vine community is very matey). AlliCattt apparently created her Vine account to follow her celebrity crush, Tyler the Creator. Now she's a bona fide Vine star with her own Youtube channel and 4.3m followers. She regularly collaborates with other Viners. 

7. Marlo Meekins 


Cartoonist, comedian, model, actress and Vine star, Marlos Vines are out of the box and sometimes a little creepy/odd - but that's why they appeal. 

8. Annsie Slimming World

While many of the great Viners on this list are American, and love making funny videos, we've got a soft spot for Brit girl and Heat magazine editor Anna Lewis, who makes great recipes on Vine. Granted, they are for Slimming World - but even if you're not on a diet, the meals are delicious and Anna is a hilarious narrator. 

9. Aleksandra Forys

 Aleksandra makes awesome stop motion videos of her craft projects.

10. Swell Designer

Speaking of crafts, Swell Designer is a great account to follow for DIY craft ideas, and revines of other cool tutorials. 

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