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Netflix Are Advertising The Best Job Ever

Netflix Are Advertising The Best Job Ever

The Debrief: All you need is Instagram. And a phone, obvs.

If your current job is making you fantasise about running away to the circus and hanging up your adult shoes (I bet they're brogues) for good, then don’t be too drastic because Netflix are on the look out for some brand new employees.

They are looking for people to head to Europe and the Middle East for two weeks, snap some pics and then share them on Instagram. Easy peasy lemon bloody squeezy. Not only do you get to travel across the world, visit the sets of popular shows and films and get to mingle with actors and actresses – YOU ALSO GET PAID $2000 a week. Which is approx. £1400, which is very great indeed. 

The good news is that the only conditions are a) That you have a phone b) that you have Instagram c) that you like films and television. The bad news is that means pretty much the entire population are in for a chance.  

The application is so simple, you could do it on your lunch break and still have time nip to the post office and shove a fish finger wrap into your gob. All you have to do is:

- follow @netflix on Instagram

-Hashtag your three favourite pics (maybs the one with the most likes, or the one where you mastered the filters on afterlight) with #grammasters3

And err, that’s it. Hurry as the deadline is Sunday 6th March

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