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Napping Could Raise Your Blood Pressure, But There\'s A Food Fix

Napping Could Raise Your Blood Pressure, But There's A Food Fix

The Debrief: Cheese board, anyone?

Before you take that afternoon nap, think again. Because according to a study from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, napping can raise your blood pressure by a fifth. So that 20-minute power nap you’ve grown to love, maybe don’t. 

If you can’t imagine life without your daily nap, however, all you need to do is eat a small amount of the italian cheese Grana Padano. Apparently it can help lower blood pressure, anyone else stocking up on cheese right now? No…just us. The cheese is similar to Parmigiano Reggiano, so rich in proteins that help to relax the blood vessels. 

Want to know the science behind it? Okay, here we go: the trail was testing with 30 adults with hypertension. They were provided with either an ounce of Grana Padano a day or a placebo imitation cheese for two months. The results showed between a 7-8 mmHg drop in systolic and a 5-7 mmHg drop in diastolic blood pressure, specifically for those eating the Grana Padano. In simple terms, eating a small amount of cheese can help lower your blood pressure. Cheese board, anyone? 

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