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My Flow: Could This Bluetooth Tampon Revolutionise Our Periods?

My Flow: Could This Bluetooth Tampon Revolutionise Our Periods?

The Debrief: A robot tampon you say? I suppose being half woman, half cyborg could be interesting...

Have you ever experienced a leaky tampon? Ever been too scared to stand up in case you left a less than subtle red stain on someone’s white couch? Ever sat on someone’s lap and suddenly felt the slowly trickling doom of your monthly red sea? (I’m going assume that you probably have and not just that I'm an American sitcom waiting to happen). Well then, this new period-tracking app sounds like something you need in your life.

The new device called ‘My.flow’ cleverly detects how full (or empty) your tampon is on a percentage base, so individuals don’t have to keep running to the bathroom in a panic. Simply insert the 'robotic tampon', click on the app and it will let you know if you're only 13% full for example, in which case you'd be good. Like really good. But of course you do run the risk of obsessively checking the app, as with any, to see how your little lady is doing downstairs.

If you frequently use tampons and are used to its string, what’s a few more centimetres? The device comes with an extra long catheter-like tube and a Bluetooth fob to clip onto your undies. It works on a notification basis and you’re alerted when the insert is nearing full capacity. So instead of a new Instagram notif, it’s just your uterus calling with a full tank, ready to be offloaded. For those of you worried about removing tampons too early, or the far more severe, too late it’s brilliant for just that and acts as a preventative tool for Toxic Shock Syndrome. Although admittedly now, my worry would be my vagina randomly setting on fire. 

Prices for ‘My.flow’ come in at $50 with an extra $13 for a month’s supply of the specially suited tampons, which in the long run works out to about the same price range as regular feminine products. It currently only features its own tampons however has hopes of collaborating with existing feminine product companies in the near future.

It just goes to show, there really is an app for everything.

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