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My Burrito Finder Tells You Where Your Nearest Burrito Place Is

My Burrito Finder Tells You Where Your Nearest Burrito Place Is

The Debrief: Someone found burritos in Cornwall using this website. Shit just got real.

As anyone who has ever had a burrito will know, there's a very specific hunger that strikes when you're craving that spicy, creamy, cheesy, tomato-ey goodness the size and rough shape of a very large brick. But sometimes it's really hard to know where your nearest burrito place is - especially if you're not living in a city/above a Chipotle. 

Happily, some bonafide genius who goes by the name of Hughes WD announced on Reddit a few days ago that he'd created a site called My Burrito Finder, which pledges to find a burrito joint nearest to you. As you'd probably have guessed from the title.

One person used the site and found a burrito in Cornwall. Another is using it regularly in Glasgow. According to other Reddit users, it's still a bit glitchy - when I gave it a go to see if there were any burritos in my home county of Cheshire (where they've only just got their head around the concept of curry) the website didn't seem to work - but, turn your location finder on, and you can hunt around for the nearest burrito to where you're standing right now. Which is arguably more useful. Unless you're standing in the Congo. And if so, how the fuck did you get internet there and I can't get it on Shaftesbury Avenue? What tariff are you on?  

Anyway, the glitches should be ironed out soon so check out My Burrito Finder, say a silent thank you to its mystical creator, and get dinner sorted tonight. And every night. Until you become part woman, part burrito, with cheese for hair and little tiny jalapenos for legs. How will you walk on those tiny jalapenos? What if a bird eats you? I've become side-tracked, enjoy the website. 

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