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More People Have Been Killed By Selfies Than Sharks This Year

More People Have Been Killed By Selfies Than Sharks This Year

The Debrief: The world is going mad

More people have been killed this year trying to take a picture of their own face, than they have being eaten by sharks, according to a new study by Mashable. The latest selfie-related death was in India, when a Japanese tourist fell to his death after trying to take a selfie at the Taj Mahal's Royal Gate. 

While the number of fatal shark attacks so far in 2015 comes to eight, the number of times people have died trying to get a good shot for instagram comes in at twelve - this comes after more and more attractions are banning selfies due to the inherent danger, an Russia launched a 'Safe Selfie' campaign. The campaign lists a number of dangerous scenarios in which you shouldn't get your phone camera out, and they include being halfway up an electricity pylon, standing in front of an oncoming train, or while in the company of a wild animal.  

Sounds obvious but, then again, a national park in Colorado had to close because people couldn't stop taking selfies with the bears. When you're risking being mauled to death by a bear to get a picture of yourself, it's time to take a good hard look at ourselves as a society. Or, rather, stop taking a good hard look at ourselves. 

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