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Mogul Leaves Daughters $20 Million In Will - As Long As They\\\'re Married With Children

Mogul Leaves Daughters $20 Million In Will - As Long As They're Married With Children

The Debrief: OBVIOUSLY they're contesting it

How would you feel about inheriting $10 million? Pretty darn good right? I'd totally give up bringing in my lunch from home. I'd go wild and spend a fiver a day in Pret. Life would be great.

But what if that inheritance came with rather controlling terms? Sisters Victoria and Marlena Laboz, who are 17 and 21, have found themselves in this situation after their father Maurice passed away in Jaunary, leaving the sisters $20 million; providing they get married and have children.

Maurice, who was a property mogul (what a cool thing to be, it's like 'Oh what do you do?' 'Oh me? I just own a shitload of properties and make a shitload of money' perhaps we'll try it one day) wrote a will last year stipulating that his daughters would only get their money if they tick off a list of things on Maurice's to-do list.

This list includes leaving $500,000 for Marlena if she gets married. Although her husband has to promise not to touch her money. She also gets $500,000 for graduating from a 'accredited' college.

If the girls get married and don't work outside the house, they get 3% of their total fund every January. But only if they bear a child 'in wedlock'. Alternatively, if they don't get married, they can get the same amount by being a caregiver to their mother Ewa. Because everyone knows that there's only two roles for women right?  Wife ’n’ mother or spinster caring for her mother.

In all fairness, there is also the stipulation that says if the girls do earn salaries, Maurice will triple it every April.

Now though, the girls have announced that they're contesting it. The family lawyer Raoul Felder said: 'People try to control from the grave, but I’ve never seen it as bad as this.'

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