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Microsoft Paint Is Here To Stay After Twitter Explodes With Love For It

Microsoft Paint Is Here To Stay After Twitter Explodes With Love For It


As if Monday morning wasn’t depressing enough, Microsoft announced that 32-year-old Paint will face the axe along with the new Windows 10 update. After its release in 1985, Paint has not only provided hours of entertainment – and arguments between siblings over whose turn it was to play – it started out as one of the first graphic editors available on computers. So why oh why are the guys over at Windows getting rid of it? Microsoft are said to be introducing a new Paint 3D, which will not ‘behave like traditional Paint’ but features ‘3D image making tools as well as some basic 2D image editing.’ It’s not the saaaaame, it’s not the same. 

Before you start crying because your attachment to Paint is similar to your attachment to your first kiss behind the bike sheds – Microsoft’s general manager of the 3D for Everyone initiative released this statement: “MS Paint is here to stay, it will just have a new home soon, in the Windows Store where it will be available for free,’ and it’s all because of YOU. Well, you and the rest of the internet – who just happened to take their love for Paint to Twitter and express what a terrible tragedy it would be to see it go. So in short, you basically kinda made that happen. Are you proud? 

So, with the news that Paint is here to stay – let us take this moment to remember it, and the rest of Microsoft Word before it actually goes for reals. 

1.Transferring files. 

Spending 48.5minutes waiting for your teeny tiny file to transfer to your friend that lives 3 doors down. Classic. 


No words needed. 

3.The dial up connection 

Why oh why did it take so long. 

4.When the internet goes down

And you act like it’s the end of the world, blame your parents, sister, cat, next-door-neighbour. 


Just paint in general. 

6.When you used to actually turn off your computer 

Remember those days? I can’t remember the last time I actually turned my Mac off…should probably do that. 

7. This screensaver

Hours of fun.

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