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McDonalds In Brixton Gets \\\\\\\'Edgy\\\\\\\' Makeover. Locals Aren\\\\\\\'t Happy.

McDonalds In Brixton Gets 'Edgy' Makeover. Locals Aren't Happy.

The Debrief: McDonalds makes a big McStake?

Brixton in South London is known for being a diverse, vibrant (and admittedly very gentrified) area of South London. Which is why when the area's McDonald's got an 'edgy' (read: totally naff) makeover, it went down like a back of sick with local residents.  

The McDonalds restaurant now looks like someone has scribbled all over the walls in a sharpie pen/a skate park and even the lampshades have graffiti on them. Not really the vibe one would assosiate with an eatery that sells Happy Meals and Filet-O-Fish. As it is, the move has been blasted as ‘offensive and  ‘misguided’.

A spokesperson for the chain told told LBC  ‘With self-order kiosks and free-to-use tablets, the refreshed Brixton store has digital innovation at its heart and provides customers with more choice in how they order and pay. We look forward to hearing what local residents think of their new McDonald’s.'

Here are what the local Brixtonites actually think and its not great:





A McDonald’s spokesperson told LBC: We are sorry to hear a small number of people are unhappy with the new lampshades. These designs are in use across the UK and in other markets and have received a great reception.

Maybe just stick to plastering Ronald McDonald's creepy face over the walls in future.... 

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