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McDonald's Breakfasts Soon To Be Served All Day. Dreams Really Do Come True

The Debrief: Life just got a lot better

Quite often the only way we get through a morning after a big night out is by chomping down on a delicious Sausage McMuffin with an extra big side helping of hash browns. Hmmmm. God, they are good. 

But how many times have you been hungover – running through the golden gates to get your McMuffin hangover cure – only to look up at the clock and see the time was 10.37? And yep, the cashier telling you you’ve missed the breakfast menu and they’ve switched to their normal menu?

Arg, it’s enough to make you cry on to the counter. Just us? But still, it is basically the worst thing ever. 

But now our dreams could be about to come true. You see, Maccy D’s could soon serve their brekkies all day. All day, people. 

McDonalds has chosen US restaurant San Diego as the place to test the move. And if it goes well – which, obviously, it 100% will as it means sausage and hash browns for breakfast, lunch and dinner, oh and midnight snacks – then they’ll roll it out across the UK and so on. 

I know what you’re asking – why the hell haven’t they done this before? Well, apparently, it’s all down to logistics. The grill sizes aren’t big enough for breakfast and burgers. But now they’re going to try and squeeze in a solution. HURRAH. 

The prospect of Maccy D’s on the way home from a night out and on the morning after is almost too much for us. Our day is made. A very happy Tuesday to everyone. 

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