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Hero Man Claims Job Was Too Boring. Takes Employer To Court

Hero Man Claims Job Was Too Boring. Takes Employer To Court

The Debrief: We’ve all been there haven’t we?

We all have bad days at work – there are days you want to photocopy your bum, slap it on your boss’ desk and say 'Ciao! I’m out of here'. But of course, you’d probably never do it.

But, have you ever considered suing your boss because your job is far too boring?

But, according to the Guardian,  one man, a French guy called Frédéric Desnard, did just that. He said his managerial job at a perfume company Interparfums was so boring that he experienced a ‘descent into hell’ which resulted in 'bore out' and that the lack of stimulation at work even caused an epileptic fit when he was driving. According to the Telegraph, it also led to ‘ulcers, sleep problems and serious depression’. Of course, it goes without saying that depression and any other mental health issue isn’t a laughing matter.

Desnard claims he was ‘mise en placard’ by his employer a phrase which translates to being ‘put in the cupboard’ – in other words, he was given menial tasks or none at all. This, he told Agence France-Presse, left him ‘destroyed’ and with ‘serious depression’ because he was ‘ashamed of being paid for doing nothing’. The lawyer of the company. Interparfums, claims he ‘never said anything about being bored’ and asked, 'If he had nothing to do for four years, why did the company keep him on?’ 

The French press are describing his situation as ‘bore out’ - a play on ‘burn out’ or ‘brown out’ – and he’s seeking £282,000 in compensation. 

Desnard’s lawyer argues that the company were trying to make him bored so they could fire him without paying him any compensation or redundancy, the Telegraph reports.

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