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Man Goes To McDonalds For A Milkshake. Gets Way More Than He Bargained For.

Man Goes To McDonalds For A Milkshake. Gets Way More Than He Bargained For.

The Debrief: What's a guy got to do to get a milkshake around here?

Imagine going to McDonalds for a milkshake and coming away with two apple pies, a chicken sandwich and no milkshake. Sounds like the guy lucked out really doesn’t it? But what if you really wanted a milkshake, you would do almost anything for that milkshake, and you’ve been denied that wish.

This is exactly what happened to Josh Raby (although I’m speculating on how much he wanted the milkshake) from Clarksville, Tennesse who paid McDonalds a visit at 1am to buy the aforementioned milkshake and came away with definitely not that, but a very weird story to tell.

Josh proceeded to live Tweet his experience (which was around 30 minutes in total) which was, to use the technical term, an absolute shit show by the sounds of it.

And so it begins.

After ordering his milkshake (but not being asked what kind – key bit of info) he gets the following reply

You know how most people say they’re fine when you ask them if they’re OK? Not this guy.

Josh then decides to order a chicken sandwich, which just totally confuses the whole thing and the guy doesn't get it and then he drops his next bombshell.

Josh is then convinced to buy an apple pie by the man, only for the following to happen..

Turns out his wife isn’t dead, as Josh (and us, the readers) are led to believe – he had literally lost her. As in, could not find her in McDonalds. What's more, the wife wants to do Josh a solid and sell him some apple pies at a discount price.

They then proceeded to make out and later let him know that they met in McDonalds in 1993. Romance. Turns out that there’s another human in the next window who doesn’t seem too happy to be in the same work place as the others.

So Josh drives away with two apple pies and a (wrong btw) chicken burger, and all the guy wanted was a milkshake.

Some people aren’t quite convinced of Josh’s story. Take Mabel Larson, for exampe, a local McDonalds owner who told The Leaf Chronical that ‘He sounds like a yo-yo, idiot person. It sounds too crazy to believe’. Harsh. To which Josh has the following response:

And why someone would make this kind of thing up, I couldn’t tell you…

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