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Man Allegedly Beats His Model Wife, Films It And Sends It To His Friends

Man Allegedly Beats His Model Wife, Films It And Sends It To His Friends

The Debrief: Berenger Rose, who claims her husband Shane Cuthbert attacked her daily has released footage of the alleged attack to help other women going through the same thing

Berenger Rose, a glamour model based in Sydney has released a shocking video of her as the victim of abuse at the hands over her husband on national TV in the hope that she can help other women going through the same thing.

Berenger, 30, married Shane Cuthbert a year ago after he reached out to her on Instagram. He proposed after just two months of dating but, as Berenger told 9 News' A Current Affair show yesterday, there was no reason to suspect he was anything other than the charming guy he seemed to be 'When I met him' she said, 'he was the most amazing guy I had ever met in my whole life. He was so sweet and charming.'

However, it wasn't long Berenger says, before things escalated. 'It started with that slap across my face and it escalated to him throwing my head into a brick wall.' She continued, 'He would hit my head, beat my arms, my legs, my hands, everywhere. He would just beat me like that until I was black and blue.'

A week ago, Shane was arrested and has been in police custody although according to A Current Affair, these charges don't relate to his alleged abuse of Berenger. Whilst together, Berenger says that Shane had a habit of recording the beatings which he used 'for his own entertainment' and then 'share them with his friends to brag.'

The videos shown on A Current Affair make for a truly shocking watch. It shows Berenger cowering in fear, crying and pleading for Shane to stop. At one point he instructs her to show him her bruises. Her legs are covered in black, purple and blue marks. She says she told him he was taking away her human rights. He is said to have responded, 'You don't have any human rights.'

'I just want other women, if they are in the same situation as me, to know: It's a long dark tunnel but there is a light.' She said. 'There's a light at the end and you can get there too.'

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