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Magaluf’s Clubbers Told By Promoters To Do Something They\\\'re Ashamed Of This Year

Magaluf’s Clubbers Told By Promoters To Do Something They're Ashamed Of This Year

The Debrief: The town might have banned street drinking, but promoters' posters insist girls will be able to do something to regret this Maga season...

We recently brought you news that Magaluf – home to 2014’s pseudo-scandal of a young woman giving 24 men head in quick succession on a boozy night out, it being filmed and uploaded to social media before going viral and everyone blaming her for the actions of a bunch of people – is going to ban street drinking.

The idea, the local council says, is to improve ‘the security and quality of services tourists to Magaluf receive.’

However, for those who’ve eagerly anticipated and planned their post-GCSE/A-Levels/uni trip to ‘Maga’ for months, the worry is over. Club promoters for the big nights there have assured them – via digital flyers – that everything’s going to be just fine, because they’ll be able to do something to shame themselves. Only if they’re women, mind.

One on the Facebook page ‘Magaluf Season 2015’ shows a group of bikini-ed girls covered in some sort of red jelly (perhaps they didn’t get the connotations of women covered in a blood-red colour) along with the tag line ‘I can’t wait to be ashamed of all the things I do in Magaluf 2015’.

The posting, which implies that only women are to be ashamed of what they get up to ‘on tour’ came with this cute caption: ‘Don't believe the hype. The Magaluf street drinking ban isn’t going to change anything this Summer! ROLL ON 2015!’

Carnage Magaluf, meanwhile – this is the company behind the night where the girl and those 24 men did the ‘mamading’, which is Spanish for a ‘public sex act’ – is back, reports The Mirror. The company tweeted: ‘Who’s ready for the world famous bar crawl starting in April?’

It also put forward a campaign of sorts: ‘Absolute nonsense about the drinking laws in Magaluf. Clubs still open till 6am, bars open until 4am, some bars open at 6am! Please RT # Maga’

The thing is… We think the whole ‘mamading’ incident was down to a lot more than drinking; after all, there are plenty of people who do stuff like that while totally sober, and plenty of people who get riotously drunk without being gee-ed into having group sex.

Maybe that sort of culture needs to be tackled as well as the fear of the streets flowing with fluorescent spirits?

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