Alyss Bowen | Social Media Editor | Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Liking Something On Facebook Could Be More Dangerous Than You Realise. Dislike.

Liking Something On Facebook Could Be More Dangerous Than You Realise. Dislike.

The Debrief: Never has a like been so scary

Next time you hit ‘like’ on your friends Facebook picture of her cosying up to her new fella, beware. Internet scammers are on to you. Apparently when we like something on FaceyB, online scammers can find a way to use it against us in internet life. 

It’s called like-farming and it basically means when we like something it spreads viruses and allows those evil scammers to steal your information. Creeeeepy or what. If you need a more in-depth explanation (we did), think of it this way. The more likes something gets on Facebook, the higher chance it will end up somewhere on your daily news feed. Those online scammers can then use this to their advantage and post something they know will generate a shit ton of likes, like a meme. 

So as that meme goes craaazy viral, like most of them do, the scammer can then go and edit the post to contain the software that can steal your personal info. 

Facebook hasn’t found a solution to this issue yet, but we’re checking out Activity Log to see how many ‘likes’ we’ve racked up in our Facebook journey – and then UNLIKING anything that seems a bit off and like something we wouldn't normally 'like', pronto. We apologise for the repititon of the word 'like' in this article. 

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