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KFC Have Released Their Own Merch And It\\\'s Actually Not That Bad

KFC Have Released Their Own Merch And It's Actually Not That Bad

The Debrief: And it's got something special embossed on the back

KFC are up to something, and we’re not entirely sure why. The finger lickin’ good chicken company are either rebranding themselves as a merch company, or some kind of anniversary is coming up so they’ve decided to go all out on products. Starting with a partnership with Huawei to release a limited-edition smartphone in China. Yep, a KFC chicken smartphone…

According to The Verge, it has a lovely 5.5-inch screen and comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Oh, and obviously, KFC Colonel Sanders has been slapped on the back to keep in with the #KFCMERCH theme. So why the phone? KFC announced on its Weibo page (the Chinese social site) that KFC launched 30 years ago in China, and to celebrate they wanted to product 5000 limited edition phones for its customers. Cool. It doesn’t stop there, though. 

Did anyone else know that KFC had clothing merch? I certainly didn’t but the chicken shop have a whole host of t-shirts, jumpers, socks and even a classic string shoe tie so whenever you want to dress up like the Colonel, you can. They launched their new online merchandise shop on the 12th, and it even goes as far as selling a 400-year-old meteorite in the shape of a Zinger sandwich. It costs $20, 000. Name me a person that would buy that? Here's what else you can buy. 

A Classic String Tie

Ah yes, that classic string tie. Fun fact: our Fashion and Beauty editor was photographed by French vogue when wearing a string tie, so you know it’s very #fashun.  

A Vintage Ringer T-shirt

I actually quite like this one, it looks like an old vintage basketball tee. I’d wear this.

Some Kentucky Fried Enamel Pins

Pins are very in, get your hands on these cute things.  

A Fried Chicken USA Sweatshirt

Perfect for when the temperamental British summer decides to play up. 

Some Fried Chicken socks

Sure why not? Who doesn’t love a novelty sock. 

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