Esther Baines | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 5 May 2016

KFC Have Launched A Chicken Flavoured Nail Varnish And It Needs To Stop

KFC Have Launched A Chicken Flavoured Nail Varnish And It Needs To Stop

The Debrief: Cue worst pun ever; ‘literally finger lickin.’


In case you thought you somehow time travelled and woke up on April 1st, you are mistaken. This is not a joke.

Although it should be- KFC have created two nail varnishes that you put on just like your others, wait for it to dry, then.. lick it and it tastes like chicken. Why are you trying to ruin my week? Who agreed for this to happen? Has Willy Wonka's factory gone bust and he's turned his talents to the fast food market?

The varnishes come in two flavours, ‘original recipe’, and ‘hot & spicy’, developed by the company who create KFC’s secret spice mix. Because people are apparently picky about what flavour their fingernails are.

The colours- a dark beige and a bright orange, are actually pretty wearable, if you disregard the fact they’re made by a fast food chain and taste like meat. The packaging is also weirdly stylish; if you removed the words ‘finger lickin' good’ from the bottle, they wouldn’t look out of place at any regular makeup counter.

KFC also released an accompanying video which obviously consists of some interpretive dance, beatboxing and lots of slightly too long camera eye contact. Just to, you know, appeal to a mass market and really target ‘people who like chicken’.

This has only been launched in Hong Kong, so we won't be able to try this in the UK. I'm seeing this as a good thing- I don’t want to have to watch people violently licking their fingernails on the tube home. Maybe downing the bottle in one if they’re feeling super hungry. Also not using nail varnish for a while until this image is out my head.


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