Stevie Martin | Staff Writer | Thursday, 3 September 2015


Kansas Students Cover Mirrors In School Toilet To Challenge Importance Of Outer Beauty

The Debrief: The idea was to challenge social norms and promote self acceptance

Some schoolgirls in Kansas have taken a stand against the importance placed on outer beauty, and covered the mirrors in the school toilets with motivating quotes to try and challenge social ideals and promote self acceptance, the Huffington Post reports. 

Trinity Academy is a private Christian school in Wichita, and so the messages range from the biblical – ‘Your beauty should not come from outward adornment’ – to the cute – ‘People are like Oreos... the good stuff is on the inside’ – in an attempt to help younger students.

‘This was something the senior girls came up with,’ Matt Brewer, headmaster of Trinity Academy, told The Huffington Post in a Facebook message. ‘They really wanted to share God’s truth with their younger classmates.’ 

According to the school’s Facebook page, the mirror coverings went up last week just after autumn classes started and have already amassed over 1,000 likes and nearly 600 shares.

‘Especially as freshmen and sophomores, you’re trying to find your identity and who you are and we want them to find their identity in God and in Christ and not in a mirror and not what their outward appearance looks like,’ senior Hannah Hancock told local news station KWCH on Monday.

Even if you’re not a Christian, you’ve got to admit this is a powerful tactic and a positive message for all schoolchildren. Especially considering the fact that one in ten teenage girls are ‘extremely worried’ about their weight, with more and more feeling insecure about their looks.

Puberty is an upsetting time, and we could all do with stepping away from the mirror occasionally and focusing on what we’re doing rather than how we’re looking when we do it. 

Good on them for taking a stand. 

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