Sophie Wilkinson | Contributing Editor | Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Just When You Thought Diet Coke Was The Safe One

Just When You Thought Diet Coke Was The Safe One

The Debrief: Another scientific study has found that 2 cans of Diet Coke a day has links to heart problems…

Recently, we brought you the news that Coca Cola has been funding scientists who sometimes just happen to publicly deny the link between sugar and obesity. And now? There’s the news that a Swedish study has found a link between drinkers of two Diet Cokes a day and an increased risk of heart problems.

The study, undertaken by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, tracked the health of 42,400 men over 12 years – but warned that the findings could also apply to women equally. The findings? Men who had two daily servings of Diet Coke were 23% more likely than those who don’t to suffer heart failure, reports The Sun.

Before we all give up on our Diet Coke habits and rock back and forth in a dark corner, it’s worth considering that it’s not just the drink that could be harming people. It’s the lifestyle that needs consideration, too.

If you’re drinking two cans of Diet Coke a day, it might be that you’re also indulging in loads of other vices. For example, if you’re only ever drinking it on a hangover, but you’re drinking it twice a day, it follows you must spend a lot of your life drinking booze, which isn’t exactly great for you.

Also, people who drink two cans of fizzy drink a day are also more likely to have a certain lifestyle that goes with this habit – one which can include snacking on sugary things, despite a dedication to going zero sugar in their drinking habits.

Oh, and the fact Diet Coke just tastes so bloody brilliant with a nice big greasy bacon butty goes some way to showing how interlinked drink choices and other aspects of your lifestyle can be.

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