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John Lewis Has Revealed Everything We Bought This Year And It Shows We’re All Total Clichés

John Lewis Has Revealed Everything We Bought This Year And It Shows We’re All Total Clichés

The Debrief: How much of this did you buy? (This is a judgment-free zone...)

So John Lewis has released this ginormous Retail Report that contains endless information about our shopping habits this year - and the results are fascinating.

They’ve put together all the data from the thousands upon thousands of transactions that take place each day in their online and high street stores, and it’s basically lifted the lid on how basic we are as a nation...  

We’ve been all over millennial pink, La La Land yellow and khaki.  

We’ve developed a keen interest in egg gadgets and we much prefer to eat from bowls rather than plates, (probs just so we can insta our dinner better). 

And we feel VERY positively about succulents, sheet masks and watermelon shaped inflatables inspired by the Love Island villa.

In terms of fashion trends, it was all about gingham and pink shirts for men, and Londoners were super predictable, repeatedly opting for the classic black skinny jean.

The rubik’s cube appears to be making a comeback with sales up a whopping 61%, and it looks like we’re also bringing back the traditional teapot, eggcups and butter dishes. Retro. 

There was a 99% rise in the sale of exotic inflatables, which has absolutely nothing to do with the moment when they exploded onto our Instagram feeds, and even Phillip Schofield jumped on the bandwagon and admittedly looked like the happiest human on the planet.


Beard products were highly popular, and, obviously, the sales of instruments to help us prepare are avocado-based dishes increased dramatically.

The Retail Report also revealed that Chanel lipstick sells particularly well at 3 am. What was How I Met Your Mother’s Ned thinking when he said nothing good happens after 2 am?

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In contrast, a number of products have definitely gone past their sell-by dates. The drop in the sales of spiralisers suggests we’re done with courgetti carbonara, and if this means we’re moving on from the clean eating thing then it's music to our ears.

Our shopping habits also spell the end of the road for the sat nav, and with eReaders shrinking in popularity, the old debate of whether the eBook’s going to kill off the paperback is finally done and dusted. In the digital age, we will always find comfort by escaping to another world in a book. 

Interestingly, this need for escapism can also be seen in the unicorn trend: there was a 70% increase in searches for the word ‘unicorn’ on the John Lewis website, and they were plastered over phone cases, napkins and onesies.

Does our penchant for unicorn and mermaid motifs indicate that we just want to escape to some kind of Trumpless, turmoil-free fairytale?

So there you have it, the products that defined 2017 shopping habits. The retail giant reckons that in 2018 our home furnishings are going to get tropical with monkeys and palm leaves and we're going to be big fans of personalised coffee machines and those voice controlled personal assistants. Very Black Mirror...


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